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Existing costumers can login in sistem for additonal services and support. Secure login to your CRM system:


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What are CRM Mobile systems?

crm mobileCRM systems are costumer relationship management systems. They cover wide area of costumer tasks. The custumer is in the centre of system. Mobile is a step further in CRM systems by providing gobal independence.

Key benefits of Mobile CRM systems:

  • Global data access
  • System independent solutions
  • Cost & time reduction
  • Internet appication protocol
  • Just-in-time data access
  • No new hardware attachments
  • Secure and contemporary solution

Global independence for business opportunities.
Stay mobile - stay global in your business!


Where can CRM Mobile Systems be implemented?

Anywhere where there is need of live data access. All that without special equipment! Use your existing handheld device, mobile phone, notebook etc. Its main use fits to:

  • Merchantsmans
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Customer Support
  • Logistic
  • Production monitoring...

Quick preview of benefits of CRM mobile system are presented in short video presentation. Take a minute and explore the advantages. Visit CRM demo presentation.

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